ABP Surface Treatment

  • Principle of ABP surface treatment is the induction of compressive stresses by impinging Tool steel surface with steels shots; this creates good surface engineering properties on the profile of the dies.
  • These compressive stresses created through ABP will work with the higher fatigue limit and later nullify and progress to the tensional mode. This time delay will give chance to operate complex profiles having high thermal gradient in the Die casting process which cannot be controlled even by the optimum design of internal cooling.
  • Duration of this raised stress at the negative side with high yield proportionality of the surface will be beneficial in terms of life cycle increase.
  • This ABP provides the best possible solution to overcome premature failures in limiting fatigue factors .
    This process will improve the surface properties by increasing the fatigue resistance, surface hardness, delayed Heat checking, good surface finish and to resist stress corrosion cracking.